Sunday, March 25, 2012

Monday March 19, 2012.

Weeks Pregnant: 28 weeks 5 days
Cravings: Sushi and citrus
Stretch Marks: None
Gender: Baby Boy
MS: nope

I went crib shopping today with my MIL. All the cribs pretty much look the same to me, I just wanted a white one. So I picked the one I wanted, they said it would take 9-12 weeks to build and deliver. That's when it hit me… I DONT have that long!! Here I thought I was far from EDD. Nope 11 weeks!! Eek! I don't even have anything ready! I ended up buying a nice soft rocking chair and a Boppie for BF with an adorable cover. Tried to see if they had my "diaper bag" @ Neiman Marcus or Nordstroms for that matter, no luck!! MIL keeps telling me that I am gonna need a huge bag!!! *Shakes Head in Denial!* I am really loving the Fendi Striped Hobo Bag. It looks roomy and beautiful. Some say its a fall bag but much like the LV, it is very much a classic piece that would go with anything. In other news… I was craving sushi today and DH got mad and didn't want to get me any. I got hormonal and wept a bit :( Now I lost my appetite. Damn cravings, if it isn't what a pregnant woman wants, then she absolutely despises anything else!

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