Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Weeks Pregnant: 34 
Cravings: Iced Water
Stretch Marks: None *crosses fingers*
Gender: Baby Boy 
Name: Christian Liam
MS: No 

34... 34 Weeks Pregnant. Oh how did we get here? Aside from the very well known common knowledge of reproduction, how did we get here? If it weren't for the constant kicking, the urge to urinate continuously, the lack of breathing due to a growing uterus, and lovely bump. I would have no idea there is actually a baby in there!! I fail to refer to the baby as Christian. I feel that I cannot comprehend how there is actually a baby in there. And that in less than 7 weeks, might even be 3, a baby boy will emerge. One day he will be tied to me forever. I am in complete awe. I still remember taking that pregnancy test and smiling, then laughing out loud in disbelief of the result on that tiny little screen. Pregnant. Yet, here we are, counting down the days and stressing the many things still to do before Baby Christian gets here.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Weeks Pregnant: 31 Weeks 5 Days
Cravings: Mango
Stretch Marks: None
Gender: Baby Boy
MS: nope

Third Trimester already! Gosh how time does fly. Getting bigger and bigger everyday. Still haven't found that perfect bag to be utilized for a diaper bag! I just hate those ugly general diaper bags. They are huge and have modern patterns and colors which I absolutely loathe. Just because I am going into motherhood does not mean I have to look hideous while doing so. Many will tell me that once I have the baby the least of my worries will be looking fashionable. I just don't feel like I need to sacrifice everything! I wish they made a lot more high end diaper bags. I am not loving the Gucci patterned one. It is so dull and colorless. Oh well my search continues...

Love the pattern of this organizer

Will be great for creating a diaper bag

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