Monday, March 3, 2014

Pregnancy Craving ATM: Jicama!!!

Jicama is a Mexican yam... actually more like a turnip!
It is mildly sweet and full of water.
Its similar to a water chestnut.

It also happens to be my favorite snack to munch on!

It looks like some sort of potato!!
 And if you grow it too big it will be quite starchy!

But when grown just right, it's sweet and juicy!

I love mine tangy and spicy with Tajin!


Gender Wars: Boy or Girl?

Surprise! I'm pregnant! I couldn't be any more excited! But with that excitement comes wonder.
What are you little baby? A little baby boy or a little baby girl?

To be honest i am a little bit scared of having a girl. Why? You see, i've already had a boy, my beautiful son Christian Liam. 

I feel very comfortable with having another boy but a girl? I know there isn't much to expect, except the opposite! haha!

But when you think of girls, you think of something delicate and gentle. I'm over-thinking it! There is a familiarity with finding out you're having another boy, since you've already had one!

I actually always said I wanted to have a boy and then a girl. Ever since I was a young age,  I had my births planned for a certain age... and lo and behold they are actually accurate! I told family I would have my first at 24, check! Second at 26, check! Now if I find out I'm having a girl... that's going to be a little creepy! Either that or I am destined to be a psychic!! muahahahah!!! No but really I am so excited to find out! Either one I know it's going 
to be AWESOME! 
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