Monday, March 3, 2014

Gender Wars: Boy or Girl?

Surprise! I'm pregnant! I couldn't be any more excited! But with that excitement comes wonder.
What are you little baby? A little baby boy or a little baby girl?

To be honest i am a little bit scared of having a girl. Why? You see, i've already had a boy, my beautiful son Christian Liam. 

I feel very comfortable with having another boy but a girl? I know there isn't much to expect, except the opposite! haha!

But when you think of girls, you think of something delicate and gentle. I'm over-thinking it! There is a familiarity with finding out you're having another boy, since you've already had one!

I actually always said I wanted to have a boy and then a girl. Ever since I was a young age,  I had my births planned for a certain age... and lo and behold they are actually accurate! I told family I would have my first at 24, check! Second at 26, check! Now if I find out I'm having a girl... that's going to be a little creepy! Either that or I am destined to be a psychic!! muahahahah!!! No but really I am so excited to find out! Either one I know it's going 
to be AWESOME! 

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