Wednesday, November 19, 2014

GLOSSYBOX November 2014

It's here! 

I ain't gonna lie!
Every time I get an email confirmation for the shipment of my Glossybox...
I eagerly await the mail man everyday in hope that he has my Glossybox
nestled under his arm!

It's like a surprise present every month!
Unlike your dear Aunt Flow...
This one is actually a good one!

GLOSSYBOX November 2014

GLOSSYBOX Package November 2014

 Do you see that orange staining on the left of my GLOSSYBOX Card?
It's a leak! At first I thought..
*OH WOW! This GLOSSYBOX smells amazing!*
Yeah, it was the leaking 12 Benefits Product...

GLOSSYBOX Index of Contents November 2014

Leaking Product
I'll probably email GLOSSYBOX see what they can do.
I really wanted to try this product :( 

GLOSSYBOX November 2014
 Here is the lineup of all the Products Included in the November 2014 Box.

From Left to Right:


Juice Beauty: Green Apple Age Defy Moisturizer Full Size: $45.00 / 2oz

Kneipp: Herbal Bath: Balancing in Lavender Full Size: $20.00 / 3.38 fl oz

12 Benefits: Instant Healthy Hair Treatment Full Size: $20.00 / 6 oz

OPI: Nail Lacquer in Pink Outside the GLOSSYBOX Full Size: $9.50 / .5 fl oz

So Susan Cosmetics: Universal Blush Full Size: $23.29 / .14 oz

Pink outside the glossy box nail polish
Pink Outside the GLOSSYBOX November 2014

I usually hate pastels on my skin tone because the make my skin look ashy...
But I love this pink! 
Automatic MUST HAVE color!

OPI Pink Outside the Glossy Box

Kneipp Herbal Bath: Balancing in Lavender

If you are not a fan of the smell of lavender...
Honey... this is not for you!
This smells like straight up Lavender Oil.
But I am a fan! I used to not be but its actually really therapeutic.

Juice Beauty: Green Apple Age Defy Moisturizer 

When I first saw this I thought of DKNY Be Delicious Perfume.
Every since I first got pregnant with my son, I haven't been able to shake the heightened sense of smell. Which made me a little hesitant to try this product.

But guess what??

It IS NOT apple scented, it actually has organic fruit juices; apple, lemon and white grape!

It has absolutely no scent, except for the  subtle smell of play-doh! 
But that's only due to my ridiculous heightened sense of smell!
Best of all... it's Certified Organic! 
Which really is wonderful since they are using fruit juices because I am super sensitive to insecticides. SCORE!! 

12 Benefits: Instant Healthy Hair Treatment
This product smells pretty good! 
Unfortunately, I was not able to try it since the top was opened and spilled all over my box.
It states that it corrects damage from chemical processing, pollution and heat styling.
As well as boosting hair color AND protecting your locks from the sun with sunscreen.

So Susan Cosmetics: Universal Blush
The So Susan blush is called Universal Blush.

At first glance it looks sort of 'bronzey'

But a swatch on my olive skin tone indicates more of a frosty pink.

This color reminds me of a more powdery, frosty NARS Orgasm.
I will definitely give this color a try, see how it works.
Will it really be universal?


I really love the GLOSSYBOX November 2014.
Some of my favorites include the OPI Nail Lacquer in Pink Outside the Glossybox.
AS well as the Juice Beauty Green Apple Moisturizer.

Get your own GLOSSYBOX!!

-Nancy Howe


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