Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Painting an Upholstered Chair

 So I had a little free time, kids are both keeping busy. I decide to do some web browsing...

Thinking I can work on my blog but instead I find myself on Facebook and e-mail. Some time goes by and my BUTT is starting to hurt as well as my back. I am sitting on a bar stool in lieu of a computer chair. So I browse some websites, balk at the prices for the UGLIEST chairs.

Then I think hmmm...
Craigslist... !!!

So on I go...

And I find a beautiful chair! GRAY! Just like my office. I get super excited!!
Cause you know... what else is there to be excited about? Other than my kid deciding to poop in the toilet.

Then I look at the location... 30 miles away!
I almost always set my settings for my local area but nooo.
During my search, I am on the phone with the husband, Greg.
Hoping for a miracle I ask him where he is.
Guess what? He is in the SAME city as THE CHAIR!!! IS that NOT a sign?! 
I very sweetly ask him if it WAS possible he could pick this BEAUTIFUL chair up!??!?!

   He agrees! :)

Paoli Computer Chair
   Above is a picture of the chair on the ad. Gray right? It is a Paoli Chair and the price is $125 (the poster had more chairs available, later on I saw them posted for $75 each. DARN IT! But I couldn't risk missing out!)

It has a beautiful tufted design! 

 And nope! 
NOT gray. It's beige.

 The material appears to be microsuede, velour? Its pretty soft! It is also ridiculously HEAVY. Signs of a good chair, made with good materials! My spine rests perfectly on this dream of a chair. Except it had a certain smell... Like a very sweaty dude had been sitting on this chair for awhile. YUCK! Definitely needed to be cleaned. But the color? Could I live with this neutral color? Especially since my dream chair has always been the World Market Nina chair in fuchsia. Pictured below.

Fuchsia Nina Chair

So i edit the photo to try to choose the right color!

Look at all those pretty colors!!!

Blue was out. Green was so tempting! 

Pink and Yellow... hmm...

 I am sure Greg wouldn't appreciate a pink chair so I decided pink was out and YELLOW it is! MUSTARD YELLOW!  I figured if I even redo my walk-in closet I will one day splurge on that Nina Chair... the master closet is last on my list, so If i ever get that far... gosh darn it! I deserve it!

So off to Joann's I went. Kids in tow.  I was that committed that I actually hauled the little monsters with me in 90 degree weather no less.  I deserve a medal right?!

Materials Needed:

  1. Fabric Medium
  2. Chalk Paint (I chose the color Vintage Mustard)
  3. Brush
  4. Sandpaper (Fine Grit)
  5. Painters Tape
  6. Small Bowl
  7. Spray Bottle with water

I start by mixing equal parts fabric medium and Chalk paint, mixing it up with a brush.

It's best to tape up the sides for an easy clean up. Then completely soak the chair with water, be very generous!!

And on the color goes... What a huge difference!

Its like I am adding magic to this chair!

I decide a better course of action is to paint all the buttons and creases first, then applying the color to the rest of the chair.


I decided to speed up the process and relocate it outside in the 90 degree weather.
I leave it out for maybe 2 hours.

When the chair is dry, it will feel a little rough. Definitely not the suede soft texture it had before.

This is where the sandpaper comes in handy!

You want to just completely sand the entire chair. Immediately after, you will feel the difference. Not as soft as before but not rough at all.

And there you have it!!! 

 Overall I am VERY pleased with the way it turned out. I am glad I chose this color. The Vintage Mustard color really brings out the color in the wood. Making it very 'neutral'!


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